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6 Tips to deal with a Flirtatious user in a chat room

by Zian on 21st January 2018 • 3 comments

Are you so freaking cute that every other chatter mysteriously turns into a flirt after having a first glance at your profile picture? If yes, bravo! If not congrats because I assume that there's a lot more special in you that's causing your magnetic field to amplify and spread across the corners of the room, giving you dozens of new fans. While being attractive and demanded does make you realise your market value, it can sometimes be really annoying when every second stranger approaches you with a red rose and blushed nose. If this has recently started then you need to understand that you are no longer the skunk who caused everyone to pinch their noses and walk away and you have now become cooler and more awesome than ever, yes you're a cutie pie bunny that makes everyone go awww. Whatever be the reason of your increased popularity, be thankful to your brand new dashing personality.

A quick analysis of the flirt's attitude

Ask yourself the following questions:

A) Does s/he flirt with everyone or just me

We may sometimes fail to understand a person's attitude. We do not always come across people of varied behavior and then ths could be a cause we think any unusual behavior of being a threat to ourselves. In such a case its important to first understand the reason why the person has been talking to you.

First of all find out if the person is flirting with just you or everyone else too. If he/she is flirting with everyone they are true flirt :D. Now depends if you would like to welcome that flirt or not. Is the person in a healthy flirt or is he/she annoying?

If annoying there's an option to ignore a user you dislike. The story ends here.

B) What does s/he want from me? Friendship, a relation, timepass or sex?

Ok so before adding the user to you ignore list would you like to confirm a few things? If yes, there are a few things I put in the heading of this paragraph. If s/he is from the category of good people aren't you losing the chance to know a good person?

You should at least determine if the person is actually seeking for friendship or a relationship or time pass. Beware not to get into tricksters. Never give up your personal info to any stranger that easily.

C) Am I interested in him/her?

You might lie to everyone but believe me lying to yourself can be a difficult to beat challenge for you. You should ask to yourself if you enjoy it when s/he flirts or teases you. Not every flirt is bad with his/her morals and intentions. Flirting is fine and appreciable. It shows how much the other party likes you and it reflects how awesome person you are.

D) Flirt's relationship status

You wouldnt enjoy a father of three kids is flirting with you, would you? A flirt could be such person who sleeps with someone new every night and wakes up just to break up.

E) Flirt's Age

Make sure you are not into some big age difference.

F) Flirt's Gender.

Yes, you read it right. You need to make sure the person who is flirting with you by posing as a cute angel is really an angel but not a MANgle. It hurts to know that person you have thought of marrying and having kids with in a distant relationship is a troll. Don't deny the fact that people make a lot of planning and start collecting dreams on grounds of something that isn't ever going to happen in real. Some men even decide the name of their babies after the first look of a woman at a park. If you cant make sure that your dream palace wont collapse, at least make sure that it wont collapse when you are inside( escape out of it before it falls upon you ).

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