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Your first day in a chat room

by Smiley on 17th January 2018 • 3 comments

You woke up a morning or returned from work and you are tired, you are depressed over something and you don't know what to do. You need a advice about something but you do not know whom to ask. You want to talk to someone about your problems and you don't have anyone to talk to. It is situation when we want to seek someone online. Chat rooms have occured to be the best places for discussing your problems or taking advices.

You want to work out something, there's a situation you have to deal with but then you have no idea what actually you should do. You open your laptop and google "chat rooms", you see a lot of results and choose one among the available results. Its you first time in a chat room and you do not know how the stuff works, you have no idea how to work out things and you don't know how to start, is it? The blog that I have been writing here is a small guide to help you with your first day in a chatroom.

Lets suppose is the first chat room that you visited, you might not be aware about the rules or how how everything works here, this guide will help you understand what to do and how.

There are a lot of perspectives for a chat room. The idea of chat rooms may vary from a person to another. Had you ever thought of entering any chat room before and talking to a stranger? Meeting and talking to strangers is mostly a fun thing to do. It's always nice to have something new to know about. It's nice to learn about new stuff and people. The world is quite fast and not everyone can afford a world tour, isn't it? The reason could be any, the lack of time or fear of expenses or something else, depends on one's interest. Chat Rooms are a platform to have all of that knowledge from the vast world at a place.

What is a chat room?

First Day In A Chat Room Chat rooms are virtual environment setup for the simulation of a group having chitchat together. We and our friends cannot always manage to stay together, but when it comes to online world or the virtual world, one can always manage to stay close via internet in the online world. The chat rooms enable us to stay together and communicate in a virtual environment. In a group chat room there are lots of people that may be from the various parts of the world, connected to a virtual room and interacting with each other.

It just needs a small hi to join the conversation, nice people are loved by everyone. Your first impression will decide the number of favors and number of friends you are going to have from the group chat. If you are nice, the users will themselves involve in their conversation, they will ask you stuffs about you and your work. They will share about their lifestyle and their culture and traditional beliefs. One can have a lot of topics to discuss. Could be that you have the answer to a question nobody else does and then is your chance to leave a long lasting impression.

Your First Impression Matters

Someday you walk out and you come across someone who is rude or of an unpleasant nature. You might think oh what bad day you are going through. The same goes in a chat room. It's a virtual environment doesn't mean it needs to be exploited. You do not have to pretend to be someone you aren't. Be the good you and like I said give your best impression. Chat Rooms are all about making friends and not doing nonsense.

Be polite and flirt

Rather than keeping your conversation dry, try being a bit flirt. Its nice sometimes believe me, you are not required to be a serious fellow it doesn't really pay out. Try talking in mysteries be a mystery, be interesting, the mysterious people always lie at the top of the chart. You could be everyone's point of attention.

Keep Your Conversations short and sweet

Oh yes, the most important point, you're here to chat right? Not to write an essay, there could be people who just finished their project and you from nowhere appear and give them a long essay written by you to read, not funny at all, isn't it? Lets keep our conversations short. Try to deliver your concept of messaging in a short way. Don't forget to be sweet. Be so sweet that everyone starts liking you at the first place.

Never create a controversy in a chat room. In most cases good conversations end up due to being too much egoistic. Let's not get into any fights, if you do not like anyone just put them into your ignore list, why have a fight when hitting a small button can sort out things.

Don't use the CAPS, CAPS are annoying and irritating, they may rude your conversation or your pal's mood. Write complete sentences that would give direct meaning and don't use mischievous ways to draw attention, it could only make things worse. Keeping all these things in mind, don't forget to have fun.

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