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Thinking of having a chat room pet?

by Brit on 24th January 2018 • 3 comments

Do you love pets as much as I do? If you also love chatting then you must have thought of getting an online pet. Although it sounds crazy and your friends will call you insane for this idea, its really worth it. You don't need to go to a pet shop to find your dream tommy or kitty when you can get it online, right inside your computer.

It will take some time for you to spot a pet in a chat room because animals rarely use online chat rooms. If you are thinking to find a pet on Tinder, then you must rethink your decision because unless you are twins with your neighbour's puppy, Tinder will make your match with a human instead of a pet. Even if you spot an animal in the chat room, you should make sure it is not owned already or a wild animal or a girl with snapchat doggy filter on her face. If someone is making "meow" or "purr" noises then it probably is a cute kitten waiting for a care taker to come to it.

You should start the conversation first and wait until the pet reads it. Pets type very slowly, so you should have some patience and let your animal type the message. This is because pets dont have fingers, the paw cant type properly on the keyboard so they have to erase and type many times. Finally when your pet sends you a message, you can take the conversation further. In case your pet doesn't reply at all, you can understand that its either not interested in you or its a snake. Snakes dont have limbs so they can not type messages, in this case, you should ask the snake to come on a video call as this doesn't need typing.

If you have made up your mind to have a video call session with your chat room pet, you should be well prepared because chat room pets are very much unlike the normal pets. They are nerdy and shy. You should dress well, manage proper lighting in your room and of course if you have your ugly lazy best friend lying on your sofa, kick him out. If you don't wish to kick out your smelly, lazy best friend out of your room or if he disagrees to leave the room, you can position your webcam such that he doesn't appear in the frame. You don't want to scare away your pet. When your pet answers your video call, you should wave your hand and say hello first. Your pet might not wave back because it might not be comfortable or just shying away. You should then ask your [et how its day went. If your pet is a cat, it will reply with "Meow", if it is a dog, it will reply with "Boww", if it is a snake, it will just "hisss". If it is a dinosaur, it will produce... uhm well well, dinosaurs don't exist, I take my words back. After this much, your pet will start talking to you. You can talk to it about cool things. You can praise it about how adorable it looks. However, you should not flirt with your pet. I know its hard to resist flirting with such beautiful creatures but you should not. Some pets don't enjoy it when their masters flirt with them. This is because your pet might not be single. Some pets are in an open relationship, engaged and even married! And please don't ask your pet about its relationship status, its something personal.

Computer pets can be quite geeky and nerdy, they love to surf the web and download pictures of meat. If you have a pet cat, it will download balls of wool to play with. You can engage with them by sending them food and toys through email. Virtual pets can read emails better than faxes, didn't I tell you?

Things you will need:

A device with working Internet connection, patience and a chatroom

Personal Tips:

1. If you succeed to make a good relationship with your cat, you can get it home.

2. If your pet starts licking its web cam then its trying to lick you. You should appreciate its love for you. You can also lick your webcam to show the appreciation.

3. Dont poke your pet's eyes.


1. Be careful while choosing a pet. If you adopt a lion or a crocodile as a pet, we do not take the responsibility of your life. If you become the food of your pet, its your and only your fault.

2. Do not swear at your pet. Pets take insult very seriously. If you insult a pet, you might get banned from the chat room (Some pets are moderators too).

I hope that this guide will help you find your dream online pet. See you next time.

Linda Carter

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    Charles Lewis

    Jan 21, 2017REPLY

    Liked it.

  2. image
    Linda Carter

    Jan 22, 2017REPLY

    Dealing with stalkers is very annoying. But ignoring people who want to talk to you is also rude. I think by following the tips provided, we can classify between a flirt and a stalker.

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