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Connect to the world

A chat to meeet people from 213 unique geo locations of the world. Share images, videos and make video and voice calls

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Connect to the world

Connect to people from all around the world

With users from 213 unique geo locations of the world, we thrive to be one of the most diersified chat apps on the internet that can be run in a browser, on apps, on desktop or even more larger screens.

We connect people from various corners of the world

Our chat platform enables you to meet people from every corner of the world where internet has stepped its feet. With being one of the most easiest applications to use we have helped users from 213 unique locations of earth to come together on a platform and interact with those from other regions of the globe. Being easy to access from a browser has led us to connect people who are very new to the chat term to others on our platform. We help you connect with people from every corners of the world. With our easy to use video and voice calling features you can take your chatting experience in your browser to the next level. Share youtube videos, exchange images, learn about cultures, festivities and people of other parts of the world.