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Public group chats and private messaging

Join public group chats with interesting topics going on or go into a private chat to connect securely.

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Public group chats with private messaging

Join public group chats or chat privately

Are you a fan of group chats? Well we have lots of them with hundreds of users. Awesome group chat names that tell us you about what's going on in the chat room and are also easy to leave if you are not good or interested in the topic. Private chat lets you connect to your favorite people from the group chat and talk to them in a private conversation.

What are we?

We are a free group chat app for your time killing experiments.

How to make our own group chat?

Making your own group chat is pretty easy with the make a group chat/ chat room feature after you have logged in into the chat as a guest or a registered user.

How to leave a group chat?

Leaving a group chat is as easy as joining it. Clicking the quit button on the top right of the desktop version or on phone hitting the back button and unsubscribing the group chat lets to exit the group chat / chat room.

How to leave a group chat?

Name for your group chat is to be chosen when you are creating one but can always be edited later on from your moderation panel. You can choose funny names for your group chat or be inspired from existing group chats and the popular ones.

How to delete a group chat?

Deleting your group chat can be done from the general settings in your moderation panel.