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Share videos and images in chat

Make your chatting fun with images and videos. Aside from text chatting you can express yourself through images and by sharing your favorite videos.

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Chat by sharing images and videos

Share images and videos in chat

You can join as many group chats as you want and chat privately with as many people as you want. While texting is still fun you can make your chat better with our features that allow you to share images and play videos within the chat. The sharing of videos and images is possible in both the group and private chats.

Share your favorite music and youtube videos

Whenever you feel like the chat isn't being much of a fun offer your mates your fav music or maybe a trending youtube video. Or if you have a youtube channel or a new video you just uploaded and are looking to get people to watch it, you may try asking your friends or create a chat room just for the purpose of sharing your favorite videos and music.