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Live chat rooms for online conversations, free online chatting, video chat and chat rooms.

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Live chat online no registration

Live chat app and Live chat rooms

Live chat app

Y99 is a live chat app that lets you connect to strangers randomly while also allows you to create your own group chat rooms and chat with your friends.

Live chat online

Chat online on our live chat platform from different devices such as desktop computer, laptop, android devices, iphone, mac and so on.

Live chat rooms

Connect with thousands of people everyday in live chat rooms. Share your favorite video, listen to songs and play games.

We bring you and people from 150+ countries from other countries together on our platform. We enable you the liberty to make your choice of platform. A chat application that can be reached on almost every platform that we use on a regular basis can help better with keeping people connected. While it is not possible to carry a laptop with us all the time, our chat is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any browser that exists on the internet. Despite of what operating system you are on, the chat application only needs a good browser to function at its optimal condition.

No registration to chat using mobile devices

We support all of your devices including your mobile devices. Our chat is responsive and thus fits greatly on any of the small end mobile devices. Whether you are moving out somewhere and you haven't brought your computer with you, you can still reach your friends on our platform from your mobile device. Even if you do not prefer installing an app, our app works on par with any of the great apps in the market even in the browser. We have optimized our mobile version with great care for your soothing experience.