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This morning Sam called me and told me how naughty his kids are. Since then I have not been been able to make my mind to have a kid that soon or not. Since torrents are banned, downloading a baby is no longer possible. But there are always many ways of doing things. We can have a chat room baby instead that would be far too away from us to give us any tortures. Wondering how one can have a baby in chatroom? Before you start wondering ask this question to yourself, don’t you want a baby of your own? If yes continue reading the article as I am going to tell you today about how to have a baby in a chat room.

Things you will need:

A device with working Internet connection (Personal Computer, Android phone, IOS or any), An online partner and a responsive chatroom

The steps to have your own baby in a chat room:

1. Turn or you data connection or connect to your wifi. Your internet should be a good one if you are planning on to visiting a 123flash chat to accomplish your mission of having a baby. If not visit (y99.in), use y99 lightweight chat rooms that do not require heavy loading.

2. Login to a chat room. Don’t want to give away your email just like that? Use y99 random guest chat rooms that do not require you to register or sign up for chatting.

3. If you’re already logged in, its time for finding an online partner that will help you accomplish your mission. Look for anyone willing to have a baby in chat room just like you. Once you find him/her pair up with him/her.

4. Get ready to celebrate the biggest day of your life. Look for a boy or girl who is looking for online parents in a chat room.

5. If you find one you are a lucky parent and the one you found is a lucky child.

6. Celebration time.

Personal Tips:

1. Be careful while choosing your partner. Make sure if you want a bossy online partner or a softy.

2. While choosing a baby make sure if he/she is not elder to you.

3. Order online virtual pizza to celebrate and pay good tip to the delivery boy.


1. Do not change your mind after having your first chat room baby. Relationships are responsibilities and we are not supposed to run from them.

2. Be nice to your baby and partner they might revolt if you aren’t a nice parent.

Hope this helps you with making a good family. See you next time.

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