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100% Free online chat rooms and private chat rooms

Make your chatting fun with images and videos. Aside from text chatting you can express yourself through images and by sharing your favorite videos.

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100% Free online group chat rooms and private chat rooms

You can either create group chat rooms or join the hundreds of group chat rooms created by our users or system rooms. Private chat rooms refers to the private messaging system that allows you to privately chat with a user apart from the group chat room.

Online Group chat rooms and private chatting

Online group chat rooms consist of users from various regions of the globe. You can use the group chat rooms just like any of the group chats you have been using on other social platforms like whatsapp, facebook, snapchat, hangouts or any other. The difference between y99 chat and other platforms is y99 chat works effeciently in browsers as well while other apps may require you to download an app before you start using them. Y99 chat groups can be easily shared by using the share link we porvide to every chat group that is created on y99. The share link to the group chat forms a special invite card on any platform you share with a proper name of your group chat and its description and also mentions the creator of the group for a better understanding. Private chatting is certainly different from group chat rooms, private chatting allows you to chat one to one with any user you would like to. However the user must allow you to do by setting a preference or by adding you to their friend list.

Create your own group chat rooms

We allow users to create their own chat rooms to better help the chat site go in an organised manner. Different chat rooms with different categories, topics help feed the purposes of the user better. You can create group chat rooms of your own and invite your friends. You can manage moderators for your chat rooms and set other preferences to allow only the kind of user you would want. Featured chat rooms are only for those looking to connect with people randomly and isn't the sole purpose of the chat. The greater purpose of y99 chat is to allow people to have access to group chat rooms that can be easily created, managed and is easy to share with the rest of the world. We have transformed from a simple chat rooms to a platform that is a huge group of chat rooms for all sorts of topics and interests.

Create your own chat rooms Refer to the following post if you would like to create one for yourself. The link will take you to a blog post that describes how you can create a chat room on y99. Soon we will make the feature available directly on the home pages.

Free chat rooms site

Not all chat sites are free but ours is. No additional charges for on you to use the chat rooms, they are completely free of cost. Our online free chat lets you chat online for free and lets you do video chat with your friends.

Live Chat

Live chat is a very effective way of sharing information and opinion, especially in our case, the live chat is used for sharing one another's opinion. Live chat helps you cut down a lot of time one would need to meetup with someone on the other hand it appears to be an easier way of expressing your opinion and values as it lets you stay behind the screen and protects you from unnecessary argument.

Free local chat

We help you connect to people from all over the globe which includes your local region as well. As already mentioned our service is free and that makes us your free local chat alternative.

Free online chat room

As already mentioned we provide you with free online chat rooms which makes us your free chat apps alternative. Said so we would like to confirm that you aren't required to make any first hand payments, you can chat as guest to take a trial even before registering which is also absolutely free of charges.