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Y99 is a free chat site online without requiring its users to register. Other than being a free chat site there’s more excitement that Y99 can offer to its users. The different badges, that can be acquire by doing the requirements of each and every badge.

NOTE: This only works for the users who registered their accounts.

Halloween Badge

Halloween badge

Halloween badge can be activated every year around the third week of October. This badge can be acquired by sending a specific message “#HALLOWEEN” to any room as long as it is public.

Tree Badge

Tree Badge

Tree badge was introduced following International Day of Forests on 21st of March. The International Day of Forests was established on the 21st day of March, by resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on November 28, 2013. This badge can be acquired by sending a specific message “#TREE” to any room as long as it is public.

Clover Badge

Clover badge is rumored (supposed) to be a secret kind of badge for which not much official information has been released yet. This badge will fade away over time and become rarer and finally only four users will be having it all over the Y99 Network.

SpreadLove Badge

SpreadLove Badge

FEBRUARY is the month of love, so as we expected Y99 have a surprise to its users, the “SpreadLove Badge” that can be acquired by sending a specific message “#LOVE” to any room as long as it is public.

Memelord Badge(s)

Meme or memes is a popular entertainment across the world wide web, social media(s) and since Y99 has a meme section in its new design they gave the users an opportunity to participate in the meme section by uploading memes to the public chat rooms and wait for the admin to review and approve their memes before featuring it to the meme section. Below is the different memelord badge(s) that can acquired by a specific amount of approved memes.

Memelord Badge

Memelord – the first badge and it requires 2 approved memes.

MemelordPlus Badge

MemelordPlus – the second badge of the memelord and it requires 10 approved memes.

MemelordElite Badge

MemelordElite – the third and last badge of the memelord and it requires 20 approved memes.

Blogger Badge

Blogger Badge

Most of the users are not aware that Y99 has it’s own blog where users can also participate and create their own post about everything as long as it is related to Y99. Blogger badge has a symbol of Quill for the writer or author and a color of purple which represents royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Every user can acquire this badge by creating and sending a post to and wait for the admin’s response if your post is approved or not. If it’s approved congrats! You already have the blogger badge.

VIP Badge

VIP Badge
VIP Badge

Y99 VIP Badge requires you to subscribe to a monthly donation plan through Patreon.

Santa Badge

Santa Badge
Santa Badge

Santa Badge that can be acquired by sending a specific message #santa to any room as long as it is public.

Unicorn Squad Badge

Unicorn Badge

Unicorn Badge can be acquired by sending a drawing of unicorn that you drew yourself with your username in your own handwriting to email support. Please do not send images downloaded off the internet.

Rainbow Badge

Rainbow Badge

You can write #rainbowbadge in any group to unlock a rainbow badge.

Mic Badge 🎤

More information is unavailable about this badge as its still under development.

Depression Advisor Badge

This badge can be acquired by becoming a helpful and regular member of our Depression & Anxiety Support Groups. There’s a possibility you’ll automatically get this badge when offering assistance to others and spreading goodwill, even though it’s rather uncommon.


38 thoughts on “Cool and Different Badges – For Free”

    1. Hello dear .
      It Is a pleasure to meet you here, my is Naomi ,I would like us to make a good friends, to know me better, kindly reply  me with my email below , there  i will  send you my pictures and tell you important things about me , i will be waiting for your reply soon.

    1. HI Kalli, the thunder badge you are referring to is a moderator badge that displays beside the username of a room moderator. To be a room moderator or admin you can create your own room or ask any fellow friend of yours if they are running a group chat. (This badge is limited to rooms you moderate only unlike memelord badge).

    1. Hey! to get the badges you gotta go to a room and type ” #love ” to get the “spread love badge” and to get the other one that is “santa badge” you gotta type ” #santa “

  1. Is there any other badge we can avail aside from the above mention.? I’ve seen two new badges not included in your blog. I wonder if there’s many more badge we can collect. Thanks!

  2. Hey Admins, I’m Happy to write u this that this y99 site and its user interface is good. Easy to meet new persons and befriend. And a global meme section is a Top notch feature. But unfortunately I didn’t got My Meme and Blogger badge yet so a bit disappointed but thought u guys has created a real platform where people can talk even Anonymously and make new friends too. The group thing is another good feature of it. Hope you guys adds some more new things to make it more awesome.
    But I had a complaint that I haven’t got my MemelordElite,Santander Blogger badge yet though I have fulfilled all the Criterias so hope u guys fix it asap.
    Thnx for making such a Bug free nd user-friendly interface.

    1. Hi, you can have your santa badge by writing #santa in any featured channel. Your meme badges may take a while to appear as they are based on the number of approved memes.

  3. Hey admins,
    I had a complaint that I haven’t got my MemelordElite, Santa and Blogger badge yet though I have fulfilled all the Criterias to have them so hope u guys fix that issue asap. 
    Thnx for making such a free and user-friendly interface.

    1. Hi, you can refer to our badge page on how various badges are unlocked. We are sorry that even sometimes when you do things right we are unable to fulfill our promises. We will keep improving.

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