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Y99 is a free chat site online without requiring its users to register. Other than being a free chat site there’s more excitement that Y99 can offer to its users. The different badges, that can be acquire by doing the requirements of each and every badge.

NOTE: This only works for the users who registered their accounts.

SpreadLove Badge

SpreadLove Badge

FEBRUARY is the month of love, so as we expected Y99 have a surprise to its users, the “SpreadLove Badge” that can be acquire by sending a specific message “#LOVE” to any room as long as it is public.

Memelord Badge(s)

Meme or memes is a popular entertainment across the world wide web, social media(s) and since Y99 has a meme section in its new design they gave the users an opportunity to participate in the meme section by uploading memes to the public chat rooms and wait for the admin to review and approve their memes before featuring it to the meme section. Below is the different memelord badge(s) that can acquired by a specific amount of approved memes.

Memelord Badge

Memelord – the first badge and it requires 1 approved meme.

MemelordPlus Badge

MemelordPlus – the second badge of the memelord and it requires 10 approved memes.

MemelordElite Badge

MemelordElite – the third and last badge of the memelord and it requires 20 approved memes.

Blogger Badge

Blogger Badge

Most of the users are not aware that Y99 has it’s own blog where users can also participate and create their own post about everything as long as it is related to Y99. Blogger badge has a symbol of Quill for the writer or author and a color of purple which represents royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Every user can acquire this badge by creating and sending a post to and wait for the admin’s response if your post is approve or not. If it’s approve congrats! You already have the blogger badge.

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