How to make money online?

As easy has it has been made to seem over internet through posts that will look a lot motivating to posts that will promise you a magic wand to make all your dreams come true, it is not unless you have properly planned your way to your goal.

Ads about apps that will help you make money

Isn’t it that we often come across video ads that tell us how we could easily make money staying home by installing an app or there is always someone who will ask you about which app they should install to make money.

While it is all made to seem so easy, would it really be this easy and if it was why hasn’t life of everyone changed yet? Why hasn’t everyone in neighborhood been making dollars or thousands of rupees every now and then like its shown in the ads? Some apps may provide you commission for referring the apps to your friend like Google pay but those commissions can never be your stronghold to not look for a job.

The truth is it isn’t that easy to make money for anyone without spending a little, investing a little at the right place.

So coming to the point, is it possible to actually make money online? Yes, it is given that you have access to traffic that buys stuff online. Gathering that traffic is the hard part to online money making, yes I am talking about blogging for making money.

Blogging for making money

Blogging is most tested and verified method of earning money online. There are a lot of bloggers(people who write blogs) that have been doing it as a full time job and have been making enough to run their families and of course achieve goals that they would wish to achieve through getting jobs in a office.

What makes blogging possible?

The low starting cost makes this method of earning online worth giving a try. For someone can start blogging by buying a domain name and a cheaper hosting. A domain name such as is important to build your brand name and a hosting is required to run wordpress so you could easily write articles and use plugins to improve your overall content quality.

What kind of domain should you buy?

In my view your first choice should always be a .com domain or any top level domain like .net, .org etc. It is important to pick a domain that would suit your niche. For lets say if you are going to write about hosting companies, your domain should either be a short one or one someone could easily remember and at most if it has the hosting word in it that would do a wonderful job.

What kind of web hosting should you choose?

For starter you should buy hosting from any company that provides cheaper hosting, say at a starting price of 2.5USD , with growing traffic you will always be able to upgrade to a larger server and choose from VPS hosting to Dedicated hosting in the long run.

What makes a great web hosting company?

The most annoying problem you will ever face will be not getting answers to your queries quickly from your hosting provider in case of any issue with your plan, product or server you have been using. It is both a wastage of time and effort you have been putting. You must consider buying a hosting that provides you with 24/7 support.

Sign up for google and bing webmasters

This is an important step. As much as you are concerned about making a good living, search engines crave good content to show to their users. So, you must sign up for any and every search engine’s webmasters. With webmaster tools you will be able to keep track of search keywords your posts/ articles are appearing for.

What comes next? Next thing is starting to write your article. Browse through the web to know about the niche you have picked and write articles on it in case where you cannot recall for enough information.

How to monetize your blog?

You did so much so where is the money?

Once you have written enough number of quality posts and can see your website appear in search results through webmasters, it is time to apply for Advertisement networks.

You can apply for ad networks like Google Adsense,, Infolinks

You can also apply for native advertising networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Mgid

They will compensate you for the traffic they will use from your blog to generate conversions for bidders.

However, before applying for any ad network make sure you are having enough traffic, most of the ad networks have a limit on how many visitors you should have before allowing you into their program.

To check out other options please check work from home jobs.

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Disclaimer: Please don’t blindly follow any advice from this post. Before buying anything research a lot and make sure its real and worthy of your hard earned money.

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