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I am a Y99 user of 5 years, and I’ll be real with you. Y99 is everything I did not expect it to be, in the best way possible. 

Let me start by saying this:  I stumbled into y99 five years ago with a simple internet search. I was looking for an anonymous place to chat, free from any worry of being judged or hated… I was really looking for a place to spill, what at the time was my biggest secret. I needed someone, anyone to talk to. I  was in a dark place in life, was depressed, and was struggling with my sexuality, and had nobody to turn to. 

It started with me repeatedly returning to Y99 as a guest user, chatting anonymously. One day I made a friend in a room I had been talking in, and finally decided to make a permanent account so that I could easily keep in touch with these kind, caring souls that I was interacting with. 

Overtime, I became more comfortable with the website, felt more open with myself, my life, and all of my friends on Y99. I decided I would create my own user owned room, to create a safe space for anyone who just needed an outlet to talk.

 In my time being a room admin, I have met so many, very incredible, loving and compassionate people. Some people come and go. Others will stay for life. But no matter how long, every person you meet on Y99 will always for sure leave a lasting impression. From small talk, chats about conspiracies, to deep heart to hearts, the people on Y99, time and time again make me feel just a bit less alone.

Now, after sharing this with you, I’d like to backtrack just a little. To where I said that Y99 is everything that I did not expect. Y99 has exceeded my expectations of a kind and compassionate outlet for meeting others. I never expected to stay on Y99 for 5 years, to be a room admin, or to meet all of the incredible people that I have. The connections with others, from so many places around the world that Y99 has enabled me to make, that I never could have otherwise, I will be forever grateful for. I’ve met friends. I’ve met my girlfriend, who is now the absolute love of my life, and forever I will be able to credit this to Y99, as these connections could never have happened otherwise.
I write this blog, to thank Y99… For being a safe place for me when I needed to. For enabling me to interact with so many loving and compassionate people from around the world. For being the place where i’ve met the love of my life, and for continuing to do these things, for not only me… but every other person who needs it, and ever does need it. 
By – Knite

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  1. I am grateful to have met you on chat over 2 years ago. There was a gap in our connecting but you are right I never had forgotten you or the many others I have met on Y99 throughout the years. I’m glad we met up again

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