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Oh no it’s not real, so why do I feel these feelings of anger, love, wonder and joy?!

Is it me? Am I sensitive, scatty and senseless?

Noooo I’m normal, it’s an alternative reality where people are who they are or who they would wish to be. Learning and growing with each word typed. Knowing that on the other side of that screen there sits someone just like me. A wandering soul within a virtual world who seeks to find something within themselves.

The tears flow to see and be part of a wonderous journey. Intelligence, wit, sarcasm and sheer determination to stick it out in a world where boundaries blur and hearts and minds merge.

People come and people go, some have multiple chat names and play their games in a bid to tease and test others. Some in jest and some to seek what they perceive as power. The reality is they only achieve what is allowed by you!! So be strong, be wise, be genuine and true!! Most of all always be you!!

Use the guidance given by y99, found via Google, about chatting and safety, words well written by wise people. Then develop your profile to reflect you! May take a while and may change lots till you feel it’s right but you will get there with patience lol

Then shine like a diamond 💎 (pink floyd pun) play your music, chat away and brighten your chat profile up with the badges y99 offer for free! (Google y99 badges).

In the end you will find your place and make some good friends along the way.

So kick off your shoes, let down hair and jump right into this wonderful world of Y99. You may see me there so be sure to say hi if you do!!

-By Y99 User


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