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A virtual world where people can gather to chat, laugh and love. Admins and mods look after the rooms and ensure people remain safe.

It’s a great place to be, it develops your inner strength as there are some games played and some people set out to hurt others but the trick is remember that you can block those and report them so it can be monitored and any action taken when needed.

There’s fun stuff to entertain you, rooms for quizzes, role play and pretty much anything to interest you. If it’s not there then you can create a room yourself and “make it so” Star Trek pun intended 😊

So many badges you can obtain to make your profile bright and cheery. It’s fun to do you should give it a try. You can also become a VIP by subscription and supporting the site. I’m thinking of doing that now I’ve been there for several months.

I would recommend that you come and join in and make your own “little corner” in a large virtual world called y99.  Be bold but be wise and read the y99 web pages which will guide you through as well.  Remember not everything in there as it seems, so be extra careful and get to know people well over time. Stay safe. Be real, be kind and most of all have fun!!

-By y99 user

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