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Hello my lovely people. Among the lot of chat rooms that y99 has to offer you there are a few chat room admins that like to talk about gods. If you are religious minded and you wish to meet someone of the same rationality you should soon choose a nickname to start with. You can step into the y99 chat rooms directory and choose one among the most suitable rooms.

The god lovers are waiting for you mate. Join now, you wont have to provide any email to sign up.

12 thoughts on “Chat rooms about God”

  1. Can someone please tell me who or what is GOD?Where does GOD reside?How come we cannot see HIM/HER?Is GOD a myth and a creation by the RCC?

  2. @ROBERT no, God is not a myth, I believe God to be Space/Time itself. “I am the Alpha, the Omega” God said. Einstein proved the Big Bang, where everything was created from nothing. Only a divine being could do that. In an Instant God and our entire universe was created. No one knows how the Universe ends, but that is God too, and everything in-between. Man has free will and the knowledge of good and evil. That is why God does not know what our actions will be, and cannot stop bad people from doing bad things.

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