Chatting on Y99 for adults. What is it like?

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What do adults do on Y99?

Most adults on Y99 enjoy to talk to each other in the different chat rooms to entertain themselves while working or to just have some fun in general. There can be many friendly arguements in the different rooms between adults with different meanings.

Why do adults come to Y99?

This is a question that is a little more difficult to answer seeing as I only got imformation from a few adults on he site about what they do on here. I noticed the theme “lonelyness” quite a bit. There are quite a few adults on here that seem to come here to find a relationship at first, but when they start to get friends, they decide that there is more to the site. This is what I personally got out of the people that I talked to about the subject.

What rooms could I join that have the best comunity for adults?

The best rooms for adults to be in would probably be the lobby and the 21 and up chat rooms. The lobby is one of the biggest chat rooms on the site, with 21 and up being close behind. In the lobby you will find many types of people, including other adults and teens. But if you want a more Adult only type of room, then I would recommend the 21 and up room. The 21 and up room is perfect for adults who are tired of teenagers complaining about everything in the lobby chat or most other rooms. It only allows people who are registered with an age above 21 years old, meaning that no people under this age will join the room.

Is there a good reason why I should join Y99?

Yes. A good reason to join Y99 is the great community. You can meet a person with pretty much any problem you can think of. And the moderators try to keep the chats managed and clean form spam and bots.On top of that is that it is completely free to join the site, and you don’t have to register if you want too.

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