Chatting on Y99 for teens. What is it like?

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What do teens do on here?

So most teens on Y99 enjoy mostly just talking in the chat or talking in PM. A lot of teens on Y99 also appear to enjoy Role playing with each other for fun. There are specific rooms for teens to do that exact thing. So most teens on Y99 enjoy mostly just talking in the chat or talking in PM(Private Message). Y99 is a free platform just like YesIChat.

Why do teens come on Y99?

One of the biggest reasons that i have seen for teens to come online here is that they might have personal problems in real life. They come on the chat to be a online persona of themselves, and maybe even share their personal problems with others who might have similar problems going on in their lives. Mostly teens here also like to make friends with other people. and major parts of the Y99 community(the teen one) are all pretty understanding and helping.

Why could Y99 interest you in the first place?

A good reason why Y99 might interest teens could be that there is no need to pay or to register to use the site or app. A lot of teens can be afraid of registering their Email on a site that they may never have heard about. That is what makes Y99 such a good site to use, you don’t HAVE to register to use the site, but if you want to be able to use a profile picture or to log in to the site more often, then you can register just the Email and then write the password that you may want to use.

What rooms could interest you as a teen?

So there are a few rooms created by the Y99 community. A great example would be the popular “Teen Chat”(the one with the pineapple). The “Teen Chat” is a room mostly filled filled with teenagers from around the world, and most of them would probably enjoy to both hear your story or tell them their own.

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