Common Issues with chat notifications and how to fix them

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If you have been regularly using our chat you must have come across the prompts of message notifications.

notification prompt image

Message notifications lets us let you know of new messages from your friends. We hardly ever send you any email, only in cases where you are required to verify your email, the cases being account verification and password reset.

The notifications we send you are from your friends only, those you have previously had chat with and are in your messages list but aren’t in your friend list cannot send you messages in notification.

Why are you not receiving a notification?

A major reason why you are not receiving notifications are because we wait for you to re-allow push notifications before we can send you one from your friends. Why? Because we do not wish to bother with lots of unnecessary messaging. The permission you allowed previously using the prompt is actually needed for us to be able to push notifications into your device but that will not activate the receiving of notifications.

So what do you do now?

You will notice a gear icon gear icon on your mobile version of app in messages tab messages tab and a message box with bolt icon we name as quick preference quick preference tag on desktop. Upon clicking either the gear of the message box with the following dialog box will appear.

quick preference dialog

To enable your notifications for the first time you will have to click on the push notifications options to activate it and click save afterwards to enable the option.

Why is your notifications showing on in quick preference but you are not receiving notifications?

There are a few known reasons behind this. I will explain how to fix them.

You changed your device, browser app


If you recently changed your device the option will keep showing as active but you will not receive notifications.


If you recently changed your browser the option will keep showing as active but you will not receive notifications.


If you recently changed your app the option will keep showing as active but you will not receive notifications.


If you recently changed from app to browser or browser to app or device to browser or app or any of these possible cases the option will keep showing as active because the permission to show notification has been given to app but the app doesn’t have the permission to send notification on the new app, browser or device. What is to be done then? Go to your “Quick preference menu” and click on save once more, this will send the new address to our server. Changing your device, browser or app is just like changing your address thus your mailing address also changes and post needs to confirm where its to be delivered, clicking save will either save the new address for delivery or the permission of app process will have to be followed just like the first time.

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    1. Hi, on your left panel(messages list), if you hover on the messages, you will see and x mark, clicking it will remove the conversation from list. If you are looking to empty the chat, click on the 3 dots icon to the left of the x mark, you will see additional options including “Empty Chat”.

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