Connecting Online through chatting platforms in order to make friends and relations.

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During this Covid-19 Pandemic many people are not able to meet physically so people have opted for online platform so that they could make friends and get connected. Many platforms are in pace to provide this resources to people.Y99 is too a website that provides such facilities to have good time with random people on y99 chats, people make virtual friends and relations which are more important.

To get connected online. Drawing together and listening music together increase a bond between people. Many websites or apps are doing this work and y99 is one of the leading organization among them. Nowadays people are to busy in their schedule that they can’t give time to their own ones but online we can get together to not only stranger ones but aur family relatives too. After Instagram and Discord, Y99 can be the platform which can emerge in this digital world.

People are not to aware about it but sure new people are joining here and entertaining themselves here and making others too happy. This online platforms enables one to share his feelings and problems and to get quick solutions upon it. Though covid has decreased and with blessings many of the indians are vaccinated, offline offices, schools, college and many other organizations have started but the bond online during this lockdown are still awake which makes people to come back to y99 or any other platform again though there is no lockdown.

I wish all online platforms do well and more and more people could get connected. Everything has pros and cons in the same way spending more time at online platforms can cause bad effects to aur daily routine. That’s all 

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