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We recently introduced a feature that would allow our users to create up to 10 chat rooms.

Creating disposable chat rooms as guest

If you have logged in to our chat site as a guest. You will be able to create disposable chat rooms that would get destroyed when you log out. You can also add password to your rooms to only allow yourself to enter the room or people you know.

Creating disposable chat rooms as a registered user

When you create a chat room as a registered user, your chat rooms are ever-lasting unless you delete them on your own. You can add or remove passwords from your rooms at any time.

Managing your rooms

Managing your rooms is quite easy. All you have to do is click on the home icon when you join your room and you will see the control panel for your room.

Choosing names for your group chat

I remember when we were trying to create our first group chat. Choosing a group chat name is easy and difficult at the same time. We were trying to put a good impression on anyone who would be reading the group name. The first idea that struck our mind was using a funny group name. “The Meme Team” was what first came to our mind but we thought it would be just too common. So, we chose a name that would represent friends and went with the name “The Soul Cousins”.

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