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We have tried to provide our room creators with all possible privileges and are always working to provide them with more. I am going to list down the features of user generated rooms in this post.

Renaming Facility

Any room can be renamed at any point of time provided the name is not already taken. In any case if any creator would like to dump an old room and create a new one, all they have to do is rename their existing room.

Age-restriction facility

Room creators can add an age restriction to their room to allow only a specific category of users. To access an age restricted room, the user must have to set their age in the profile. The guest accounts have to be disallowed for this feature to properly perform.

Update (February 2021): To enter a age restricted room, the user has to go through a date of birth entry popup.

Setting Room Description

Setting a room’s description is important for three important things. The first one for us to determine the kind of room you have. The second one to make a successful room invite and the third to make a proper invite card on the social media.

Moderation Facilities

We allow our room creators to perform various moderation activity in the live chat like deleting inappropriate messages by tapping them or clearing the entire chat or banning an unwanted user from the channel. The same features will be given to the room moderators you add. You also have access to a moderation panel where you have tools to add moderators, manage moderators and banned users.

Room Sharing across the site

You may share your room with your friends the site and beyond it. To invite a friend to your room all you have to do is paste your room’s invite link to your conversation with them. The invite link will automatically form an invite card with your room’s name, description and the name of manager.

Room Sharing across the web

The invite link isn’t just to invite people on the site but is a unique door to your room. You may share your room’s link anywhere on your social media to invite your friends directly into your room without having to enter the system rooms made by us. Should be fun then.

Group Call Facility

We have recently added a group call button which is available to the moderators and admins of the group chat. Anyone present in the room can click the Join Call button to connect.

4 thoughts on “Features of User Generated Rooms”

  1. How do u know when u have age restrictions to a room they just put n a fake birthday was wanting to know cause i am putting age restrictions on the room i am making

    1. Hi, there’s a new section where users put their real age(have to) since it cannot be changed once input is done. In case someone fakes it and an administrator, moderator finds out they can block the username from entering their room.

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