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If you’re reading this I assume you are on your early days with the y99 chat rooms and trying to get around the strangers, trying to make some friends. If yes then you’re at the right place because I’m going to tell you about the abusers of y99 and how you can stay away from them.

Who is an abuser?

Any user who tries to misbehave/irritate/assault/threaten you in any way is considered as an abuser in online chat rooms. 

How to deal with an abuser?

The y99 chat site has provided us with a numerous ways to deal with the abusers to make sure we enjoy our time with our friends and not waste it tackling the abusers.

Here are a few things you can do if you met with an abuser:

1) Use the BLOCK feature: 

Blocking a user makes the users message invisible to you so you won’t be able to see their messages.

To block a user:

A)Tap on the message of the user.   

B) Select the three dots.   

C) Tap the Block User button

2) Create a Block Button:

By creating a block button you and the other members can use the button to block a specific user.
To create a Block Button just write Block “abuser’s username” in the chat room.

3) Use the Downvote feature:

Downvote feature blurs the messages of a user who has been downvoted.

To Downvote a user: Tap on the message of the user you want to downvote and then tap on the “Thumbs Down” button in red colour. The more people downvotes the abuser, the more blurry abuser’s messages gets.

4) Use the Report feature: 

By reporting a user you let y99 staff know that this person is violating y99 chat rules.

To report a user:

A) Tap on the user’s message.

B) Tap on the 3 dots.

C) Tap on Report User button

D) Fill the form and tap on Submit at the end.

Let your friends know about these feature to make their chatting experience better.


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