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Growing a Y99 Room

A y99 room is platform to discuss on things on different topics and is a open platform. Every person can express his views on the topics and even can share his experience. A room can grow through keeping healthy environment and keeping the room clean by talking sensibly and in an open manner. To gain initial users for your room, you can can invite friends & social media buddies to try out your freshly created chat room. Rooms are the best place to discuss things and inviting more members and maintaining a healthy room environment can aid to its growth.

Turn room visitors into regulars

Greet them gently, have a friendly conversation. Do not use abusive language or encourage such behavior as it may cause visitors to sneakily leave the chat. Maintain all the privacy concerns related to the user.

Choose good moderators for your room

A good moderator has to be chosen wisely so that s/he can take a stand for the right and condemn the wrong. He need not use his powers until and unless any user cross or breaks the rule mentioned for the group. A regular user can be made a moderator on terms of their behavior and approach towards the group.

Deal with notorious users

Regardless of any sort of misbehavior a mod must give a prior warning to the users and if they exceed their limits a ban should be given with immediate effect. If the user changes his behavior a final opportunity must be given depending upon his convincing power.

– By Optimus123 (Edited by Y99 staff)

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