Level and View Hacks: How to level up easily and get more views

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Ever wonder why there are old users who are still in the lower levels but have higher views and users who are in the higher levels but less views. Or rather very popular regulars who have both lower level and less views? Here’s the answer to those questions. But first let’s define what a level is and what views are.
Levels and level hacks
Levels mostly signify how long your account exists and how active you are in y99. When you say active it refers to how many times you log in and stay for a chat in a certain period of time which is usually monitored in a week or two. But it also indicates as how much you interact with other users for them to keep coming back to the site. Though, popularity of the user doesn’t denote a higher level. People who mostly chat on the mains room don’t also imply that they have higher levels but it does help them to level up. So, what keeps one from continuously levelling up?

Number of log in’s.

The number of log in you made in a certain period of time actually indicates how active you are in the site. Those registered users who come to the site daily actually have more potential to level up quickly than those who just come by to check messages once a week or less.

Number of hours you spend in a day.

There are those who just log in and just literally check message then quickly logs out, doesn’t really makes one an active user. The number of hours you spend on the site is also essential for you to level up. Why? Because the longer you stay the more people you are interacting with.

Number of private messages you take in day.

If you noticed there are a number of users who are in the higher levels but don’t even speak on the mains. These users are actually very active in answering their private messages thus spending more time on the site and attracting more users to keep coming back.

How active you are in the main rooms.

This may not always be the case but at certain point, being active in the main does helps you to level up a little rather than those who just literally lurk, watch the room, and doesn’t even accept chat requests.

Reports and down votes filed against you.

This is will hinder your capacity to advance to the next level. Reports and down votes are considered negative points that will offset your plus points to get to the next level. Thus, being rude and offensive tends to get you nowhere.

Views and view hacks

Views are the number of people who viewed your profile. Views are counted as to how many times a user views your profile regardless if it comes from one or two person only. This time, the number of views that one have kinda reflects how popular you are in the site. But be mindful that one maybe well known in one room and not in another. So, how does one gather more views? Here are the tips:
Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the one that is attached to your profile. Those who have one are mostly likely to be viewed considering how people are curious as to one’s appearance. Moreover, your profile photo will be your chat avatar, thus, it becomes your identity. Aside from the tone of your message, the photo you had on your profile shows how sweet you are or how badass you can be in a chatroom.

Type of Profile Photo

Recently, I had this social experiment as to what type of photo people usually reacts with. The first profile photo I had was a sketch of a girl sitting. I had this photo since it reflects my identity. But this photo doesn’t attract many users to view my profile. So, I changed it to an actual photo of me that’s a bit daring than usual. Within two days, the number of views I had jumped from non-existing to almost a thousand. Comes with it, are hundreds of chat requests. Then, I change it back again to my original profile photo, and for days that number didn’t moved and I also don’t have any chat requests. I decide to change my profile photo again but this time, I had it pixelated so the avatar is clearer than that of the actual profile photo. This move I made actually soar my number of views to more than two thousand. So, what makes this photo ticks? Pixelizing the photo adds mystery thus making the user to go back to your avatar and compare it to the actual photo which is pixelated. So, the key factor for users to keep on viewing your profile photo is to add mystery to it.

Name placement in the user lists per room

Your name placement is also essential in gathering views. If you have noticed, the ones who are on the top have more views than the ones who are in the middle thru the end of the list. It is because most users, especially ones using laptop or pc, will actually first noticed those on the top rather than the ones that they need to scroll down. How does one get to the top of the list? The very top of the list belongs to those who have VIP access/badge, followed by people who are in the higher levels. Thus, saying that they get more views than those who are still new.

How active you are in the mains

If you are new, or you have a new account, but you want to gather more views, then all you have to do is stay active on the mains. Chatters who are more active in the mains tend to get more views since users wants to know more about them thru their profiles. Chatty newbies tends to get more views compare to the lurking regulars.

Profile descriptions

People who have descriptions on their profile tend to get more views too than those who only have a profile photo. Why? Because the user list only shows a portion of it and most get curious as to the whole content of what you say.

Profile photo updates

Updates to you your profile photo will also add up to the number of views you have since most get curious as to what the new photo looks like. Friends and your most avid fans want to know what’s new on your life by viewing your recent photo updates. Some usually updates their photos weekly just to gather views.

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