Morning to night

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Morning to night 

I’m in a hurdle 

run run run but never end…

Covid pop up ,ruined everything

But good thing happened like a miracle…

I was bored no where to go

type ”friendly chat” as wanted to talk….

Y99 pop up couldn’t refuse

journey was started meeting souls..

Almost a year…

My breath is here

Can’t leave here ..

As my soulmate here.. 🙂 

Stepped in to the world or y99? 

Stepped in to the world or y99? 

It was full of rooms with full of rhymes.

People around every corner chatting chatting chatting..

Some are funny but some are strange #

Don’t know what to say and write sometimes..

But flow is going on with hi and bye..

Crown, bolts , badges all remind me game of chess..

Hear bans ,behave and time out always..

This is not the real world…

This is virtual…

But still feels why I’m all over..

And reminds me world is small and one day meet each other..

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