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The anonymous chat is back and it’s a wonderful opportunity for people to connect across the globe. Making friends, meeting new people and exploring the various culture is again made possible.


It has been a wonderful platform in tough COVID times as people were suffering from all types of negative thoughts. Y99 gave me an opportunity to meet and make friends from the nation and abroad as well.


Nostalgic chatrooms of yahoo messenger in a refined and safer mode is made available to the users.

No hidden Charges

Y99 have worked and are always working on upgrades to the users of site and they do not charge for any service. Y99.in allows users to chat as guest without having to register, without having to disclose your email address.

It is a must go for chat room lovers and I shall suggest such people to have a look at y99.in and I assure they shall immediately fall in love for this place.

Chat rooms for lonely people

Many a times when we have nothing to do and we wish that we had someone to talk to. We wish we had someone we could share our thoughts, our happiness and sorrows with.

Being lonely is not new for us but we can always try doing something to get past our lonesome life, get past the growing boredom in the Mobile Phone Age. 90% of the people are tied to cell phones so it’s a virtual platform to meet new people and then even take virtuality to reality if both people wish. I have seen and known many people who have come out of virtual cover and make real friends.

One can connect to as many people as they want.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to create a network of like minded people, so don’t waste time and login to www.y99.in and enjoy the journey thereafter.

Keep Safe, keep Chatting 😊

User ID : Sahil_._.

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