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Let’s admit it, we have been waiting for that day that we could travel freely to a safe country. As a traveler, we need to realize that we must adapt to the new normal. We need to follow new policies and procedures and everything about sanitation protocols. The new normal in the travel industry involves being well aware of each countries’ travel entry restrictions and COVID-19 protocols in place.

Travel and tourism are one of the most important sectors of the world economy and were greatly affected during the pandemic. Some of the industries have closed and left lots of employees jobless. Until vaccination programmes are widely available, restrictions on international travel and tourism are likely to remain. But what drives the high airfare today?

·       Airlines are forced to operate flights on reduced capacity which means lesser seat to sell

·       Most current airline practices are to book their outbound flights at 50 % – 75 % capacity which means airfare can be 35% – 50% more expensive so that airlines will get the 100% pay.

More on Travel Budget

Budget travel has been a trend for years. From finding cheap flight tickets, low-cost accommodations, wallet-friendly food, and free or cheap tourist attractions to visit while there. Who wouldn’t like that? But, is it even possible now during pandemic? Well, we can’t tell but all we can do is hope that things will get better.

There are lots of challenges that budget travelers are facing such as:

·       Fares are much more expensive

·       Limited destinations

·       Cost effective fares no longer available due to shortage of seats

·       Sometimes airlines cancel the booking without warning

·       Additional expenses for COVID-19 tests 72 hours before the flight

·       Mandatory self –isolation in an accredited facilities ( extra cost ) for at least 7 days

·       Constant change of travel restrictions which leads to booking a more flexible ticket (usually higher price)

·       Basic protection measures – masks are mandatory in public (most uncomfortable).. lol, health declaration, tracing app, proof of vaccination ( should be approved by WHO).

·       Travel insurance which covers COVID-10 (usually rangers from $100,000 up)

Food for the thought…

Despite what’s been happening, COVID-19 has taught us some lessons..

·       That we need to balance everything in life.

·       It gave us more time to spend with our family. Although there are also people working abroad who can’t go home for holidays which is really sad. But on the brighter side, thanks to the internet, our family is one video call away.

·       Safety first. It is important to stay healthy not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

·       Helping even in small ways could mean a lot to those who are in need.

·       Money can’t save you during the pandemic

·       To be disciplined. And by staying at home can save more lives. (Ofcourse it doesn’t apply to the frontliners.)

Most importantly, pray and be thankful to our Creator for everything that we have. A lot of people are battling and struggling for their lives.

So whether you plan to travel during the pandemic, you should always consider the risks and benefits. Get your vaccine. Make a list of what you bring. Check the travel restrictions and protocol. It is also wise to get a travel planner to assist you with unforeseen circumstances.

For those who will not, stay safe and enjoy your time with your loved ones and meet new friends on Y99. Who knows, maybe someday we might meet them in person when this pandemic is over. 💗💗💗

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