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With around 22000 rooms on y99 we really have got a lot of attention to our feature that allows users to create their own chat rooms. We allow our users to create 10 chat channels of their own which they may personalize according to their will with the help of the tools we have made available for everyone.

We are not just a chat site now but a chat rooms site. We have come across people who have formed their own network of rooms with the help of their colleagues and y99 has been helping them grow by channeling the inner traffic by maintaining featured rooms. It appears that most of the users who created rooms were not aware of the facilities we provide with creating a room.

Today I am gonna let yourself be introduced to the types of room that exist on y99.

System Rooms

System rooms are the oldest rooms on y99 and were created by us to deal with a few number of daily chatters. However, with the growth in the number of chatters it became quite a tough task to manage users and look for the unwanted elements, that was when we decided to let our users create room of their own and so the user created rooms and password rooms came into existence.

User Created Rooms

We allow our users to create around 10 rooms of their own. These rooms may either be disposable or non disposable.

Disposable Chat Rooms

Whenever a guest user creates a chat room on y99 its disposable just like the guest account. In short, the room will exist only until their username exists.

Non disposable Chat Rooms

Those rooms/ channels that were created by a registered user are permanent like their accounts. However, those rooms and account can also be deleted but not automatically.

Password Rooms

Along with the privacy that one has in PM’s(Personal Messaging). We allow our users to create password rooms to add extra influence over their rooms. Any disposable or non disposable rooms can be converted into password rooms and vice-versa.

VIP Rooms

Rooms limited to a specific category of users are VIP rooms. These VIP rooms allow access to VIP users only.

Staff Rooms

These rooms are accessible to staffs only.

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