What is Y99 not for?

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Although our moderators have tried their best to implement this, we know every implication is next to impossible to completely achieve but we are aware of the those quality users who feel bothered by everyday culture of misbehaves and swearing online. Here, I list a few things that not every user is looking for on Y99 and you should avoid doing so at any cost.

Asking or giving out social media handles (skype, email, etc)

Randomly inviting or sharing links to social media is one of the oldest means of scam where a user is lured in several ways to give out their social media accounts which later result in them being scammed/harassed in ways.

If you are randomly giving links to social media or sharing your email to a user you are mostly likely to be put into the scammer category no matter what the cause behind it.

Hundreds of cases are written online explaining how giving personal information results into a constant series of stalking. No information that could give receiver access to your real life should be spammed on Y99 and no attempt should be made to lure novice users into connecting on media that reveals social information about one’s whereabouts.

Swearing/ Cussing

Another common problem that has every user bothered. Please avoid doing so.

Trying to post non family safe content

No one should attempt to share non family safe content(nsfw) on Y99.

Attempting any of the above actions including every other unethical, immoral action will lead to account termination, IP ban.

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    1. Hi Jeni, images posted by you get automatically deleted. If its an emergency you can reach us via the contact form on about page(email us), we will act as soon as possible then.

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