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“Laughter is the best medicine”

Yes its very true because when we are having such a problem or stress in life the laughter made us cope and heal what we are feeling. That’s why it is very important to us to get laugh whenever we are and have are happiness so that we can free from being stress and …

So how can be laugh if there are no friends to have chat or things we can do to make fun…

That’s why we have what we Memes.

Memes are amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media.

Y99 chat also provides a meme section for chatters and members of their website. This allows them to share their favorite meme in the feature rooms and make a fun of it and Y99 !Memebot will be responsible to collect this and post at the Meme section of the website. They will pick the best meme that you’ve share so that others can see you meme.

So how to post a Meme in y99 chat?

1. Go to the Feature Rooms where you can find a bot (!memebot). You need to look for it because some room doesn’t have this feature.

2. Click on the camera below the chat besides the mic icon.

3. Then this will go to your gallery. Pick a meme from your gallery.

4. This will back to your chat and there will appear an upload option, click this and wait the meme to upload on the chat.

5. After the meme uploaded you can now make fun with it with you chat mate on the room.

6. The !Memebot will collect this and put at the Meme section.

7. Wait for the approval of your meme to be seen globally in the website and others chatters who scroll there will see, like, and also do comment. Then there it is haha.

After your meme get approval to be global in meme section Y99 will give a reward badge. They will give you according to the number of meme that gets approval.

The following are the badges:

Memelord – which requires 1 approved meme.

MemelordPlus – Which requires 10 approved memes.

MemelordElite – Which requires 20 approved memes.

Join the chat and send your favorite in the rooms and this badges will be rewarded to you.

By: Jonzz


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