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Every chat ever created has had mods or an management system whether out in the open or behind the scenes. Currently Y99 has majority of this out in the open allowing people to know, chat with, and seek advice as needed. In the following segments you will be introduced to the different types of mods, the importance of the mods(Why they are needed), how to stay off their radar, and briefly how to become a mod for those curious individuals.


Every room on the site are mostly user made except a select few, which means each room has:

1) Admin(s) – red crown badge indicating a room creator or the main in charge of that specific room.

2) Mods – lightning bolt badge indicating the room mod.

But amongst the users list one can also run across 3 other types in the management system (user names are listed at the very top of the list going from developer down to global mod in order):

1) Global Mod – also currently with lightning bolt.

2) Global Admin – red crown

3) Developer – Solid blue tic with white check mark.

Globals and developers have powers in every room created on the website. So if you feel like there is an issue and no mods are present or no one is doing anything; find a global and ask for their opinion on the matter.


Users are always asking why are mods needed? Why are they important? Well I am here to tell you. Have you ever been in a chat where it’s complete chaos? People saying things left and right towards either other users, race, sex, or any other type of discrimination? Well, that is where a mod comes in handy! Keep in mind mods are human, they can’t catch everything at every given moment, but a good mod will catch most.

Without a mod or some type of management the rooms would crumble and fall apart and no one would wish to join anymore. Keep in mind as well, a good mod will do what’s right or as they feel is right and again no one is perfect mistakes may be made but with proof and good judgment can be undone to make things right.



This can be a very touchy subject to most but keep in mind if you just speak like you would with a random stranger in person then you should be good… Follow the rules PER Y99 SITE RULES:

1) NUDITY IS PROHIBITED – this is not a sex chat, all forms of exposure will be blocked by the system itself, if and when one makes it through it will be deleted when noticed and the user will be dealt with accordingly.

2) Perv (sex chat) – is not tolerated. Can be a touchy subject because entertaining banter keeps users active, but keep in mind there is a fine line to not cross. Straight out sex talk will lead to actions taken accordingly.

3) PERSONAL INFORMATION (links to other sites, phone numbers, screen names to other social media, and etc.) – are not tolerated. This is a chat site provided to meet random people and to make friends, you don’t go to your work place and advertise other places so respect the developers and do not do it here.

4) Sexual behavior/ discrimination towards other users – will instantly lead to site bans.

Abusers are subject to muted, kicks, room bans, and or site bans

Keep it clean, talk as if you were talking to people in public places, and don’t force anything and you will make it through and the only time will have to see a mod is when saying hello or interacting with them. Help keep the site clean and help make their jobs easy, we are all here to chat and have a good time. :).


Keep in mind Being a mod is not a walk in the park. Even mods can face punishment for wrong doing. Mods are selected by higher ups (aka Admins or Developers) and among the other management members are watched by users and globals+.

Wrong doings are usually monitored, or reported to other members of management or the main Developers and dealt with whether it be on power probation (lectured on what is wrong or right), demodded, or banned… (All depends on what was said or done)

With that in mind and you are still interested in becoming one then by all means give it a go. A few things that are noticed or looked at when looking for a mod:

1) Help other users. – MAIN THING

2) Be friendly and active – admins and developers want mods that are going to help and do things correctly. Users are usually watched over a time frame to see how they are in chat before becoming a mod and then watched for a bit after. (Trial)

3) It doesn’t hurt to make it aware that you are up for the ideal – don’t try to force it or pester but a friendly reminder here and there doesn’t hurt.

Each room is different amongst how mods are selected, some user made mods chose their friends or people they feel like they can trust The ways listed above are the Y99 staff made rooms.

BUT DO KEEP IN MIND AS WELL – this is for the current system, there is talk of a change but for now this is how it is. Can and will update if and when the change takes place.

But for now, I hope to see you all around the rooms. Have any questions or comments feel free to ask below or via in chat.

**Reporting major issues can be done and are preferred to be sent via the contact form . ** – aka unnecessary room bans, password issues.

Bare with the mods, they are here to help even if at times it seems like they mess things up, they do the things they do for a reason, which is to help keep the site great!

Appreciate the developers for creating the site for users to interact. Hats off to the work they do.

— This is a user submitted article


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    1. You can find the accounts you have blocked in people’s section. You will have the option to unblock them right there.

  1. I am a frequent y99 user and have been on the site for over 5 years. There are 2 rooms that see little or no moderator assistance and I would like to apply to be either a moderator or an administrator for International #1 and Grownups.

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