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Command List

Text commands:

1. /clear – This command clears your chat room texts. Shall not be often used as users reported that clearing the chat often caused them to lose their ongoing conversation.

2. /notice – This command will allow the moderators and admins of a room to create a notice in the chat rooms they own.

3. /runban username – Unban a user from your room. You need to execute this command after joining your room.

4. Set Get Commands

Set command: /set greeting your greeting message here
Get command: /get greeting

You can use set command to save a message by a tag and use the get command to send that message to anyone.

Use cases: You may /set a message to “rules” tag and then post it in your room using “/get rules” whenever some user is breaking a rule or is needing quick rules reference.

Interactive commands:

  1. Mods can tap on usernames in the User list and choose Ban User to kick that account out of the chat and prevent it from joining back.
  2. Three dots icon next to messages in public chat brings up a popup menu with Delete Message and Ban User button.

Although we had introduced a lot of commands in the previous version of our chat, the new update was found to be incompatible with the for-fun commands. The new addition of commands will be updated in this post.

Other commands not related to Moderation:

  1. /reqclear – You can use this command to clear your chat requests. To use it open any of your private conversations and use this command in it.
  2. /yt your song name – You can use this command to post YouTube videos. Works in groups & private conversations. Example – /yt dynamite /yt gangnam
  3. Sending a dice emoji in a group chat will roll a random number from 1 – 6.
  4. Sending /clear will clear a private chat only for you.
  5. Sending /quote will send a random famous quotation in a private chat conversation (also works in public chats if you are a mod in that room).
  6. To unfriend someone or cancel a friend request, Open PM with the user whom you sent Friend Request accidentally and send /unfriend command. Then the command will ask you to enter a confirmation code. Finally when you add the code to the command like this: /unfriend 34, the user will be unfriended/ friend request will be discarded.
  7. /invisible and /visible – This command will hide/ show your last seen status in private chats (but not in groups/ rooms).
  8. /shrink your message here – This command will shrink your message if its too long. The full message will display when hovered upon.

VIP User commands

  1. Set command: /set greeting your greeting message here
  2. Get command: /get greeting
  3. /quote – VIPs can post a random quote in any public room.
  4. /card or /yellow your message here
  5. /card2 or /black your message here
  6. /card3 or /pink your message here
  7. /card4 or /orange your message here
  8. /card5 or /cyan your message here

You can use set command to save a message by a tag and use the get command to send that message to anyone.

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  1. I stupidly gave out my mobile number to a person,who claimed to be visiting dublin.should I be worried, it was [username removed] and since she took my number she ceased writing.I know phone numbers are used now for security,thanks

    1. Never give out your personal information to anyone on the site. You are unlikely to have any computer security problems but you might receive unwanted texts & calls. The number can be searched on the other social network sites you use and your social profiles can leak your personal information(name,age,location,photos).

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