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1. What is a Y99 watch?

Y99 is a feature where you can watch your favourite videos, movies etc together with your family, friends, anyone you want to watch from different screens and from any part of the world. 

2.  How to use a y99 watch?

Go to 👉 https://watch.y99.in/ 👉 give a user name and the room name that’s given by the host or simply use the default room code and send to your friend or anyone enter and join your fellow users.

3.  How to get started?

Post a youtube/dailymotion/vimeo the link of your video in the texting column and you are ready to go 

4. What does hosting and sharing mean?

The person who creates the room or sends invites will be a default host. Remote system lets you become a host. The host can control the video host can pause the video to

Anyone can post the video link at any time. The video will automatically change. You have a queue option if you want your video to play next or previous video to

5. Should I register with y99 to use it?

Registration is not required. Anyone can use the y99 watch feature by logging in with a guest ID Registration is not required anyone can watch it even tho not register

6. Other FAQs

* Can I watch any language videos?

Yes, you can watch any language you want but till videos as long as y99 watch supports the link if y99 watch do not support the link then you can’t

* If I pause the video, will it pause for everyone?

No normal people who are invited can’t pause the video, only a host can pause the video. However, you can take the remote and become a host then you can pause the video or else you can’t

* Can I increase or decrease the volume?

Yes, you can and it won’t affect the other users it affect only on you it won’t affect to other who are watching the video

* Do I have an option to chat with my fellow users?

Yes, you can comment in real-time like a live stream and other users who are watching the video can see your comment and react to the video since the video is in sync.

* Can I change my username every time I use the room?

Yes, you can change the username.

No, you cant enter with the same room name that you have created previously

* Can we change it to our preferred language?

No, only English language is supported for now for now only english language is support from update they will add new language

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