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Raise your hand up people, who’s addicted to the y99? oh, me me me! Yes, I’m addicted to y99, it’s literally like a drug that I can’t get by without now. All started, when I was randomly trying out some chat apps form google play store, until I stumbled into y99 chat app, then the rest of it was history.

Y99 is everything I did not expect it to be, in the best possible ways that it checked out on how I personally wishes one to be. It’s like my own customized platform, simple and friendly user too. The platform offers users to create private rooms and there are so many other varieties of rooms catering for different interest and most importantly, room setting for age limit. A wonderful small feature to have, I must admit as a room owner myself as it can drastically changes how a room to be shaped. There are a lot of other small features begin offer while running a private room, which basically gives us full control on how we like it to be, loving it. 😍

Oh, have u seen those cute free badges yet? It’s so fancy. Aside from those common ones, I am blessed with a unicorn badge along with some other users and that’s really cool to have. Many thanks to y99 for the cute little gift, I appreciated it very much. Occasionally, special designed badges are given to those special individuals as a gratitude for their contributions and also achievements. *cough* I am optimistic, if I can receive one soon, as I’m ….*cough*. 🤣😂

As many of us have read and know about how a chat site connects people from all around the globe, what makes y99 different from the rest of the others chat platform? With the humblest respectable approach, there are actual chatters among us who are officially working with Y99. They are very transparent about it too, unbelievable. It’s a smart decision made, as I myself have met such people. I been enlightened on a brief history on how the site was begin born and with that, I knowing it just give me a whole different level of appreciation to the whole existent of the site, while others chat site remains anonymous. Yes, it’s personal now. 

Let’s be frank about it, we all know how dangerous and how wonderful the “internet” can be. My whole experience here had been amazing. I actually met people here, who I really interested to meet in real life one day. Likeminded people who speak my language and have the same tune as I’m. It could be a life time friendship as I’m optimistic to have friends who come from different parts of the world, living a whole different culture as I’m. Pretty much like having a home away from home. The best part of it is, it’s like meeting the clone me *laugh*.   😂🤣😂🤣


3 thoughts on “You are extraordinary. Yes, you ARE!.”

  1. I hope to have that experience I just joined today and that is exactly what I was wishing for. I have never met anyone at all like me. But maybe they are here .. sounds promising and I respect everyone like me or not we are all one and in this moment together

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