Never settle for less – January 13

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It has been my experience in real life and especially on y99 to set the bar higher so to speak for expectations that you may have for others, and less for yourself. All things considered it is not wrong to be more gracious towards others, however this differs for certain people. Just as being selfish and unkind towards people can be hurtful to the receiver and the person causing this trauma, always putting yourself first in a situation can make people take advantage of you in a harmful way. Just because you don’t require a lot to make you happy doesn’t mean you deserve only the bare minimum. One instance particularly applicable to me was pursuing a relationship on y99. I am a very down to earth person and don’t open up my heart often but when I do, emotions can blind me, especially strong feelings of love. Love is indeed intoxicating and before I knew it I was in a relationship where I had been doing all the giving while not receiving anything in return. My actions had been keeping the relationship alive, but the other person was not adding or caring enough to return the love that I shared so deeply. After all this unfolded I learned a hard lesson to not put any effort into a relationship without equal or more effort from the other person, and have become a more satisfied person, not just a people pleaser. Y99 is an amazing place, but always remember to put your emotional health first, trust me it will save you from a lot of hurt.


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