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Im really blessed to have found this site somehow. I started using it as a place to randomly find new person and talk to them. During the initial few months i werent moving really. It was tough to get friends. But i lived the interface and features of this app. So i stayed.

First 3 months i had around 10 friends who were really nice to me and we had a very similar wavelength..thats the most special thing about y99. It doesnt connect people by names but by the emotions and the inner beauty.

Then only i came to know about various chat rooms. Once i found them, there was no stopping. I loved loved loved, absolutely loved talking to people in chat rooms. Like i spend more than half of my day in the chatrooms.

I love the people there. They make me so happy. They make me forget about every struggles and just do one thing that is spread love and happiness.

It all started with some people who belong to my state. Then i got a friend from other state, then from another country, now i have so many friends from so many countries. Also i have friends ranging from 10 year younger than me to 20 years older than me. It gives a very good and unique experience to have conversation with diverse range of people. To know about them, their culture and to learn various new things from them.

Im very grateful to have found this site.

Im still a new user here compared to the other users who have been there like for 3 years. Im learning and exploring more things and hope to find many more.

🌟What makes Y99 stand-out from other chat apps:~ 🌟

  • Super cool emojis that you absolutely cannot find anywhere else. I loved them so so much. God, how good are they! To add up to that the animated emojis
  • variety of Chat rooms based on our needs and also different language rooms.
  • Random chat feature which is super fun. Like we can find people who match our wavelength
  • Codes for emojis which is super easy. And also ability to type emoji by just touching what others have sent. It make life easier
  • Ability to post youtube videos which can be played within the app itself
  • Hearing songs together with friends and the music emoji which is so good
  • Versatility of the people over here like from every country, different languages, different culture, different society, different race, different religion
  • Unity in diversity. All people love each other despite of the diversity
  • Various badges like love, tree, halloween, santa, rainbow, unicorn, memer, blogger, vip, mod, admin badges which are super cool
  • Feature of tagging a person
  • Ability to lock the dp for privacy
  • memes section where you can have some good time
  • Ability to have mods for the room to maintain it
  • Various cool commands which you can use. Like invisible mod etc.,
  • Ability to pin messages in the rooms
  • Voice call and video call features
  • Group conference call feature
  • ability to see online status of people
  • Lot of privacy settings for rooms
  • Personalized avatar
  • Ability to search and send gifs straight from the app

🌟Some suggestions to improve the site🌟

  • Would be great if there is a separate notifications panel where all the tagged messages are shown..because when we are being active in multiple rooms, we often miss the messages where we were tagged in some other rooms… So if we are able to see all the tag notifications, it would be really cool
  • Favourites section where we can add some people and rooms whom we often talk to. That would be great to easily access them
  • It would be nice if we can reply to a separate message.  Bcos when the other person sends like 3 messages at a time, its often difficult to get to which message he has given the reply… So if i can reply to separate messages, that will be good. I mean like how it is in whatsapp and other chat sites
  • Please give pin message feature in private chats also
  • To have a set of words which we can customly add to flagged words. Like if someone sends a message which contains those words, it automatically gets ignored from showing up in the chat… That would be great to avoid bad elements
  • Status update option like it stays for 24 hrs and only our friends can see it.  It will be very useful to keep connected with all friends easily

Thanks!! I would add more suggestions in future if i get any.

Thanks for building this wonderful app. I absolutely love it❤️such a stress buster🥰

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