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Accidentally disconnected a random chat partner? How to find someone on Y99 again? Its a good idea to send a friend request to the strangers you wish to keep talking to. However since you have already lost a connection, we will try to help you recover it.

Steps to find a lost connection:

  • Create a chat room on y99 named Find <Your username>
  • Write a message in the chat room saying “Click on my avatar to PM me”
  • Copy your room’s invite link
  • Comment on this article with your room’s name & invite link and leave a message for your lost partner.

If your lost connection visits this page, s/he will be able to join your room & reach out to you.

25 thoughts on “Find the people you lost on Y99”

  1. *Elise7 PM me* I am not mad with u. U r not meant to disappear. I carried u when u were sad. I put ur severed arm back on. And now I bleed ………. where are u when I need u ?

  2. I forgot my user name so i can’t rejoin the chat. Plz dear click my avatar and PM
    27 May ko jiss jaatni se meri baat hui thi……

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