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New Design

Implementation of New UI Design for the y99 chat site is currently on
going, as the days goes by there’s a minor changes in the new design.
Here is the few things that that the New UI has to offer.

New Login Design

Unlike in the old design, the new design has a simple modern style yet
beautiful interface. You can simply choose between Login as guest or
Login as user (with account).

Chat with a Random User

If you don’t like to talk to the main room, you can simply click the
“Random User” for you to have a conversation with a random user, you
can choose if you want to send your profile to that user or not.

Meme Section

It is one of the best feature that the new design has to offer. You
can now boost your mood by viewing the uploaded memes by the users, by
going to the MEME Section. For you to enable it, choose “Home” in the
left tab of the new design then look for “Show me memes” and click it,
it will automatically added in the left tab and finally click the
“Meme” for you to view the memes where you can “clap” or “slap” for
each meme.

Video Call / Audio Call

One of the easiest way to contact a user is to directly call them and
this is one of the new design has to offer. A video call and audio
call for you and your friends. How to do it? Just open a chat tab,
look for the telephone icon and click it then choose between “Video
Call” and “Audio Call”.

Multiple chat tab

Having a multiple conversation with your friends is a bit difficult to
handle, specially when the chat tab can only open one person at a
time. But opening a multiple chat tab simultaneously is great, and
that’s one of few features that the new design can now offer to every
user, you can open a maximum of three chat tab simultaneously and chat
with your friends without having a hard time.


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  1. Hallo, ich bin die judith.Ich mochte gerne Euch kennen lernen. Danke schon
    Translated: Hello, I am the judith. I would like to meet you. Thank you very much

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