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Meet Anime, fantasy, medieval, sci-fi, real life & more roleplayers in our free guest roleplay chat rooms. Online text based role playing games.

*Grabs keyboard and starts typing*

Earth is the common home for 7.6 billion humans and few trillion not yet enumerated animals, pests & plants. But be aware that its not only the planet with life! There are thousands of planets and human like creatures. Some of them are much more mightier, fierce and intelligent than we are. They have their own colonies, energy sources – foods & fuels, culture, language and lifestyle. I would even show you a picture of some of them but for that I would have to keep you waiting until scientists on our planet finish their brain image extraction devices.

Actually, the planets & creatures I am talking about have their origin and existence within the creative brains of yours and mine. Would you mind sharing your unique character with the world? If yes, why not join a fantasy fair planet where you can meet hundreds of other creative characters. There’s no need to pack your bags for a journey as you can easily meet roleplay lovers with similar mindset in the Roleplay Chat Room of Y99. Its a well moderated chatroom where you are free to be whoever you desire but do not talk about adult stuff because its not allowed and definitely will lead to you getting banned.

What are the types of roleplay chat?

The possibilities of roleplaying in our chat rooms are endless. Some of the popular roleplays often noticed in the group are:

Character roleplay:

In character roleplay, you imagine a character, its personality, looks, behavior, name, abilities as per your wish. You become your own self-made character through out the conversations.

Anime roleplay:

This is another popular roleplay in which you play the character from an anime. You are free to alter their personalities and habits while roleplaying.

Story roleplay:

In a story roleplay, you imagine an environment and your character. The other roleplayers join you and you all together meet and do various activities. Generally, you have to be a self made character to play this online text based roleplay game but if you don’t have a self-made character, sometimes you are allowed to play with the name you are known with. If you have to go offline for some reason, you may stop the roleplay and continue it the next day.

Real life roleplay:

In a real life roleplay, you use yourself as your character. Players imagine the real life in the chat room and textually describe activities, environment and situations.

What is a roleplay chat (rp chat)?

Y99 Roleplay Chat is an international chat room where you have freedom to chat anonymously in the way you want. The most loved feature of Y99 Roleplay Chat is that you do not have to sign up or register to continue. The chat service is free of cost just like YesIChat but that doesn’t mean that our service is any less than the available paid services. Our service is community moderated which makes it possible for us to keep it free. You can access the roleplay room on your mobile phone, laptop, iphone, ipad, etc. Our online chat rooms are mobile responsive and they work perfectly on devices of all screen sizes so that you can focus on your chats without worrying about compatibility.

What are the features of roleplay chat?

Find and make new friends in online roleplay chat room

When you meet like minded and interesting people in the chatroom, you can add them to your friend list so that you can reach them any time.

Roleplay with avatar, send videos, pictures, emojis into your chat

Because only text can sometimes be difficult to express your feelings and sentiments. There’s a popular saying that a picture says thousand words, we are just justifying it. You can also paste youtube video links in chat and they will convert into playable videos.

Experience roleplay chatting on mobile

Because a slow chat system can slow you down, we make sure the messages get delivered within milliseconds of pressing the send button.

100% free, no registration or sign up or download required for chatting
We never ask you to pay or sign up or download any apps. Its completely anonymous guest roleplay chat room.

Anonymous roleplay chatting with desirable nicknames

You don’t have to provide us your email, name, age or anything personal. Just decide a nickname and enter the chat using that nickname. If you tried a nickname and the system said that the nickname is not available, please try appending a few random numbers behind the nickname to make is unique as cool nicknames are already taken away by the competition e.g. Harry might not be available so you should try Harry8821

Group roleplay chat rooms and and private chats

Private chats come handy when you have to discuss something personal/ engage in one to one roleplay with other member. You can create your own groups for distinct themes as well. Just choose a cool group chat name and hit create.

Roleplay on Audio & Video Calls

Our audio & video calls are in beta and have been rolled out. You may ask anyone in the room about it as its a hot topic for now.

20 thoughts on “Roleplay Chat – Fantasy is the new reality”

  1. Are your chats still active ans have you heard of Speed-Based Text Fighting? Similar to TB or Para… turn-based text fighting, idk if you’ve heard of those either. If not, I am interested in getting a section of that sort of roleplay started… to revive the old ways of roleplay that once populated the internet a decade ago.

    1. I’ve just started looking for RP sites. I can’t even remember the names of the main sites I used to use. They were not always live chat, but RP segments a paragraph at a time, and some RP scenes would go for over a month.

      1. I too am in search for a land in which to create a journey of mystery an intrigue. Sadly, all I find is banal chatter of no import and mostly immature and rude patrons.

  2. Meet Anime, fantasy, medieval, sci-fi, real life & more role-players in our free guest role play chat rooms. Online text based role playing games..

  3. Looking for a well laid out ropleplay of y99 adminstrator and blogger. Someome please create a room to satiate my whims and fancies. *Certain terms and conditions applied. Safe word will be of my choice. Hurry up till this madness lasts. 😍😍😍

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