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It was months ago
I lurked and ate my ego
Quite lost, don’t know where to go
Yet interacting isn’t a free flow

Stuck in the “random chat” section
‘Coz I don’t want anyone’s attention
It was fun dealing with strangers
But they still left you on wanders

Then I risked and took the blow
I joined rooms, exchanged “hi” “hello”
Funny thing is they still know
Keep changing ID’s, going incognito

Now I met few users
Cute and funny little rangers
Checking on you for a day or two
Keeping you sane from all your blue

So I’m glad to this y99 app
Cheers to the developer, a big round clap
You helped those who gone mad and sad
And those little demons they once had

-By Y99 User


2 thoughts on “Peek-a-Boo”

  1. I really like your rhyming revelation I don’t use social media much other than giving people a way to track me down but I strongly believe that communication should bring people closer together

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