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Hi, I’m still in school, and it is quite often that teachers sit students which talk commonly away from each other. This is nearly always the case for me, so I had to find a way for us to stay in contact. At first, we used public Microsoft Teams, and create channels that weren’t associated¬†with our school, although it had many downsides. IT could look over everything we chatted about, teachers too. Soon it became boring, so I looked for an alternative, we came across numerous ‘free’ online chat service, but they either lacked some features we hoped for, required an app, or worked on a free trial only. That is until I found Y99. We discovered a place to talk, share our thoughts, and befriend other very similar people. We created a chatroom, made rules for it, set boundary’s for Moderators and Admins, then enjoyed our time in it, we’ve been doing this for about two months now and don’t plan on going anywhere else for a while. Y99 is a safe, secure, and fun place to hang out with your friends, or strangers in a controlled environment. The people are generally friendly, mostly in the lobby or depression/anxiety chat rooms, where you can nearly always find someone online looking to talk. There’s chat rooms for just about all interests, hobbies, etc. Hosted by fair admins who put a lot of work in perfecting their room, as there are many variables to consider. Another thing I found myself to adore was the security software, I could IM my friends an invite link, and a password which we would not share, and monitored event logs to make sure no one else knew about it except people which we had invited, and in case something were to ever go wrong, and our device logged into Y99 was not with us, signing into your account on a different device automatically signs you out on all other devices, which is a great feature whenever you find yourself to need it. Just recently, a new update was dispatched, which admins could approve requests from users wanting to join a private room, once again upping their security. Y99 also features collectible badges available to any registered user, you can take it a step further with the rewards by becoming a patron for their Patreon site. But because this website has so many perks and users, there could be something, in rare cases, that goes wrong. But there’s nothing to worry about, as Y99 offers an open customer support email here to help you with any of your concerns. All in all, I would personally recommend Y99 to people looking for a free chat service, without registration needed, where they can make friends, anonymously or openly, or even find a date. Y99 offers all this and more in their amazing website.

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