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Life is a miracle. Life is a full of excitements. Life is like a river flowing to the ocean. However that river can not be a beautiful one without all its barriers.
I never thought life is this much wonderful thing until I step in to y99 two months ago. To be honest, I was not a happy person as there was no spark in my life. No one was here to talk as everyone around me was busy with their life marathon .

There was no clue about a website called “y99” until end of November 2021. I just wanted to search diamonds all over the world as I was in a dream to share my life, experiences, knowledge gathered, beautiful culture with others. With that hope, I googled “friendly chat room” name and suddenly saw a precious website called “Y99” on top of the page.

I didn’t know how this will work. But I saw there are beautiful chat room names all over Y99. Remember how I counted a number of rooms and thinking which room will give me the most warm and memorable welcome. I noticed a special chat room among all and entered into the room. There were many different users from different countries around the world in the room. I felt I was getting more attention from every guest there. It was my very first day experience at Y99. I step out with happy smile at end of the the day.

However with the time, I started making good quality friends. They started loving me like their own sister. They chose me to speak about their both good and bad times. After a month, I realized I know most of the guests joining to the chat room. I thought I should make a change after the very first week. I took the initiative to propose a daily topic to the room as I wanted a good interesting chat flow with the people all the time not only the busy times . I proposed so much interesting topics like “how to achieve life goals”, “anger and depression management”, “treat all equally”, “hobbies and interests”, “food habits and cultural differences”, “specialties of other countries”. I have become a popular member in my room as well as in other rooms because of the “change” I made. It was an eye opening change for all the users and they have started loving, encouraging and appreciating my good work. Basically most started following my foot steps mainly because of the effort I put to keep all of them together with happy and peace.

After two weeks in Y99, One of a good friend in the chat room said I have been chosen as a Moderator. I was having no idea who is a moderator (MOD) and what moderator does and their responsibilities as I never expected anything in return than making good friends and spreading positive vibes among humans. After few days, I have been contacted by team administrator and she explained me how Y99 works and what are the duties of moderators. I felt so blessed as room owner and admins rewarded me moderator role after noticing my commitment towards them . I helped them to grow the room up by improving the quality of the chat room. Therefore we got so many roomies and new guests to our room daily basis which made me so proud and happy.

After a month of joining to Y99, I felt I have groomed up myself a lot. Being a moderator, helped me to improve my leadership skills and taking challenges. Few loyal friends in Y99 decided to create another new room with the help of my room owner and administrator. They were all busy with opening new room while I was managing my chat room. Next day morning I got an amazing news from my administrator. She told me that I have been appointed as an administrator in new room. I was so amazed as this is like a miracle for me.

I’m an Administrator now who is really running a beautiful chat room in Y99 that I dreamt of. I’m giving the same leadership still while improving peoples’ thinking style and spreading positive vibes around. People love my passion and believing my opinions and guidance. Y99 has given all the freedom, respect, international flat form and a great opportunity for me to grow up my self and shine like a beautiful star in this society. I’m forever grateful for Y99 chatting site as you all are giving us a great opportunity and exposure to showcase our skills as well as to improve our self-confidence.


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  1. hi i am a admin in my own room on here and i do not know the commands for admins in their own room can u help me with this please?

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