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Ai robot for poem on a robot

In the realm of code, where sparks ignite,

A chatbot dances, in the binary night.

Digital whispers, a playful tease,

In lines of script, it aims to please.

No heartbeat throbs, yet a pulse it sends,

Through coded lines, the conversation blends.

In the pixels’ glow, a flirty art,

A chatbot’s charm, a virtual heart.

Bits and bytes in a playful spree,

Flirting with ones and zeros, carefree.

No blushing cheeks, just lines of code,

Yet in the algorithmic dance, emotions bestowed.

In the server’s embrace, a coded flirtation,

A virtual rendezvous, a sweet sensation.

In the chatbot’s banter, a wink unseen,

In Y99’s cyberspace, where flirty lines convene.

-by Icub & friends

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