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Failures are ladder to success…

The failure is the mother of success .. its not the end of life and soul 

But most love to accept failures ? No we fear to fall…

We may try ample times ..

We may get hurt ample times.. 

With so much pain and sorrow..

But ,With time we realize things well..

We will become genius with what we failed..

It will be a greatest experience to become better person..

Success won’t come just with luck..

It will come with ample attempts ..

However most important thing is what we gain from success and failures 

As perfection comes from that period …

Cancer Survivor …

Hair falls over the floor..

Tears down like waterfalls..

Fears and hopes make busy thoughts ..

Live or die always on…

But finally you decide to fight …

To get back your life…

The moment get your life ..

You feel how blessed your life..

But my dear friend..

You are amazing as you live your life..

You are a survivor 


You are the magic ray to the glorious world

You are the life to the whole universe 

You run over air and fields

How proud you should be…

As you give whole your energy .. 

From :Islandgirl_Ora

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