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A New Start with New ldeas brought a Team To Think about People and their feelings To interpret Them through chat, For which Y99 came as a platform. The Team of Y99 Designed the platform with their creativity And Learnings. Initiative was taken by the Team to make it a Good Platform. Platform made and the Journey started.

People started coming to the Platform and expressed their thoughts a. feelings through chat. As Different people came with different Mindset Rooms were made for Ghat where People made their Groups and started Group chatting, Well, it was going good. Mean while some problems appeared And came into notice of Controlling team Then Those were fixed by them, Again some People Started creating troubles during chat, so Moderators were assigned to control them. Now Y99 Platform started with some Updates and went to next level with different Features like Personal Message, Group Chat, Tagging, Making Friends and Some features were under process.

The controlling Team worked hard And took Y99 to Better level with Up gradation to New Design After Running Beta testing and fixing Problems, Now we are all Enjoying those Cool features Like Creating Own Rooms, Audio 8. video calls, Posting Meme and getting Cool Badges, Reporting to Control Team if we see anything had, Like and Commenting in Meme Section, Voice Typing and Many More. Hence lts a free site with so many Cool Features for People to Facilitate them to Express their views, ideas, thoughts, feelings, Problems and whatever They want to talk as a Good Human Being. Guests are allowed Free to join and chatting and enjoying some Features with just a Nickname. if they like we chat platform they can Register themselves With a Password along with Nick Name and Some Details. lts Very simple And Easy to Join Please Come and Enjoy. Hope Vou Find Something Good.

Well, The Credit goes to Y99 Team and their efforts, Administrators And Moderators Are doing Their Best to Keep it as A Cool Place and Safety is also a main concern for Them for which they Are Updating oh Continue basis and looking after Y99 and lts People. Well People Referring here to All the People who are Associated with veg , And There are some Kind Hearted People who are Helping veg financially by making some Donation as per their will for which Y99 is grateful to them And Thanking Them for Their cooperation Y99 also thanking Them who are part of Y99 for a long Time and Hope the same for future. Y99 thanking all the people who are directly or indirectly Linked with And Joining newly and will Join in future.

Thank You For Being With All Of Us…


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