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Everyone should remember that fateful day when they stumbled across y99. Maybe it was a mistyped, an error in a Google search, or a reference from a friend, but the fact remains the same…their lives will be changed forever. You see, y99 isn’t mearly a place for people to interact in wholesome ways with one another, while offering a solid platform for interpersonal communication. Y99’s a haven for new and exciting friendships. It can be from joining a major chatroom to chill with friends (or having an introverted party, watching the chat run past ;)), or holding an intimate discussion on a conference call. Each of these things y99 has to offer satisfies the user in a way no other online chat can.

A good place to start, for me personally, is in one of the main chatrooms. Its simple, join a room at the top of the ROOMS list, that will make you enter the room. A tab at the bottom of the screen of whatever device your using, like a phone or a computer, will say “type a message here”. Enter your message, and send it, presto! the whole chat sees! What happens after that is up completely up to you. Just make sure you remember to be kind, treat others the way youd like to be treated, and don’t bully, nobody likes a bully on y99. Even if your a one time user and don’t want people to known your identity for anonymity, you can create a temporary account with profile pictures hidden and confidential information such as date of birth and nationality. Another great reason to use y99 is for education. While in high school my teacher created a chatroom here for English class.

The easy, user friendly interface helped even my no so tech minded English teacher make a chatroom for class discussions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time using the chat, and learned a lot doing so. Other than the mainstream and bustling top and featured chats, we have the meme page, one of my favorites. Y99 has always been a big fan of memes and the positive impact a good laugh can do on a person’s life. Posting an image in a verified chatroom makes it appear onto a separate meme section where you and your friends can “slap” or “clap” the meme, and if your lucky memes can appear on a global section where everyone on y99 can see the image and discuss how it made them feel. Jokes aside, in the rare instance there is a user harassing or cyber bullying you, the y99 block button is always there to help.

Coming with a built-in report button any user blocked won’t be able to chat with you, since the messages will be hidden in the chatrooms, as well as in the private  messages. One final key feature that most people see when the enter y99 is the chat with a random person feature. I have found it delightful to meet all kinds of different and interesting people around the world, while keeping your identity secret. Once you’ve gotten acquainted with the individual an option to send a friend request can be selected. Well, this has been my best take on y99 features and the platform as a whole, and I give the site a 10/10 for changing my life for the better. I hope you will feel the same after joining your y99 journey. 😉

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