How to submit your chat room to Y99’s featured rooms list

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Get your room featured on Y99 helps boost its members count and results in increased interactivity. Send your room’s invite link to us via email asking to enlist it under the Featured Rooms section.

Meeting most of the below criteria increases the chance of your room landing in our featured list. An empty room with a name like “My Room” may not get accepted in this program as the featured list is limited in terms of digits.

  • The room’s concept should be different from the rest of the rooms that are currently indexed by us and it should have good group chat name.
  • Its content and theme should be family safe. (Having an age limit for your room like 40+, 30+, 20+, etc is acceptable but the content or theme should not be dirty).
  • Have some loyal members that chat in your room and welcome the new comers. Unwelcomed visitors are less likely to stay.
  • Sharing your room with your Y99 friends or on other social media (if you use them) will help you get your first few members.

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