Human Connection ~ A poem

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Things have changed from playing with friends, 

Having a discussion that’s warm; 

To being on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter  

And Facebook which is the new norm..  

Outdoor sports and indoor games are nowhere found 

Dwelling on digital medium is a new way profound;  

However, there’s no escape from the digital addiction,

Platforms like TV, OTT and Cinemas are no exception..

Oh! Now, if these words are true,

We tend to lose the human connect very soon;

And get into the world that is new,

Which would definitely be a place unknown..

Perhaps, strange are the ways of life,

Cannot complain of the harmony and strife;

There’s a race out there which I and you should face,

If one has to cope up with the life’s fast moving pace..

We have reached a point where virtual is real

And social media is surely a great deal. 

It keeps us connected with people far and near,

That gives us a message loud and clear..

– We have no choice but to accept this fact,

And find a medium that’s as real and apt.

Chatsites are one such medium, I believe,

Where one can actually talk to people and re-live..

Having said all these, it is needless to mention, 

That Y99 chatroom is my favorite place;

For you see, a human connection occurs, 

That brings a smile on my face..

And yes, you can try too and you ll not regret,

Y99 will be a true friend for years to come, I bet!

Enjoy the chatroom to the core,

And also the human connection, for sure!

…Alice (y99 user)


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