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I once found a friend on Y99, 

We clicked right away, and it felt so fine,

We laughed and joked and shared our hearts, 

And promised to never be apart.

But now the time has come to say goodbye, 

As my dear friend logs out with a sigh, 

Leaving me alone with a heavy heart, 

And a feeling that we’re worlds apart.

The chatroom seems empty, and I feel so small, 

Wondering how I’ll cope with this great wall, 

That separates us now, in time and space,

 And leaves me with a void, a lonely place.

I’ll miss our chats and all the fun we had, 

The way we laughed and made each other glad, 

But I’ll hold onto the memories we made, 

And keep them close, as if you never fade.

So goodbye, my friend, until we meet again, 

I’ll keep you close, as if you were my kin, 

And though our time on Y99 may be done, 

Our friendship will forever shine like the sun.

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