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Why is my site automatically redirecting to unwanted sites?

If your website has recently started redirecting to the below domains, immediately remove all the Adsense ad codes. A malicious Adsense ad unit is breaking the frame and redirecting your visitors to an unwanted site.

By auto redirecting web traffic, this malicious publisher is trying to avoid paying for clicks.

How to fix?

  1. Temporarily remove all the Adsense codes.
  2. Open your Adsense Blocking Controls & search for those redirecting domains and block those ad publishers. (Blocking control takes some time before fully blocking all the ads from those publishers).
  3. You may enable ads after 15 minutes & try to confirm whether the malicious ad has stopped serving or not.

Which sites are my users being redirected to?

  • lpserverdomain.com (its not ipserverdomain, its a L)
  • mktagserver1.com
  • m.ranker.com
  • vidstreaming.io

Affected devices/ countries:

So far, we have been able to spot this automatic redirect on iPhone/iPad users in Germany. On our site, a 300×250 ad unit was responsible for this redirect.

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Please share your opinion on this in the comment section. Also, if you want me to correct/add information, you are welcome.

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